About Us

Nhat Ha Electric (NHE) has been delivering electrical power solutions to hundreds of customers in different industries throughout the Southern Vietnam since 2012. We specialize in low, medium, and high voltage electrical testing, repair services, and engineering for your electric distribution system.


Testing and mainternance 110kv substation

Over the years, we’ve expanded our capabilities and added facilities to become an all-inclusive service provider specializing in electrical power and energy efficiency solutions.

Nhat Ha Electric helps you prevent and solve electrical problems through engineering, testing, preventive maintenance, repair, replacement, electrical safety and technical training, oil processing, and power system analysis on either a routine or emergency basis. We are able to provide turnkey services in which you are equipped with full capabilities to operate on your own. We look forward to growing our business with both our existing and future customers.

Nhat Ha Electric also works with building owners to increase asset value, lower ownership costs, and promote environmental stewardship by recommending and implementing sustainable energy efficiency measures that reduce energy usage and carbon footprint. With our partnership with Operon and Schneider Electric, Nhat Ha Electric can further optimise customers’ current operations and facilities into energy performance contracts and intelligent building systems to achieve high performance sustainable building.

Today, in addition to our head office in Ho Chi Minh City, we have trading facility in Vung Tau Province.